The New Line of Attack? Ahtiq Raja

Defendant insurers are frequently resorting to sending Claimants text messages wherein they set out that they will provide to them a replacement vehicle at a set rate. Most will be aware of the case law authority of Copley v Lawn [2009] EWCA CIV 580 and what is referred to as the ‘intervention’. This authority sets what the offer must contain. However what it does not set out is what type of method can be used to communicate the offer. Therefore, so long as the Claimant has seen it, the issue then becomes live between the parties. Whilst service in this form (a text message) remains a matter of contention, if the Claimant accepts he recieved it, it is difficult in practice to see how service will become an issue. Whilst Claimants through Case Handlers (whether at the insurers or otherwise) are often told to ignore such a text message they do at considerable risk. Rather than being dismissive about it, Barrister Ahtiq Raja suggests that insurers/case handlers should pro-activley make enquiries and only then, for justifable reasons, advise the Claimant accordingly.


Ahtiq Raja has been successful against TFL. They had revoked a private hire’s drivers badge. After firm submissions Ahtiq convinced the Bench that the revocation was improperly engaged. On appeal he was successful in obtaining costs. For all your Taxi Licence matters get in touch today.

Credit Hire

Our Ahtiq Raja has been successful in obtaining full payment for the Claimant despite there being a plethora of issues the District Judge was satisfied that the Defendants Basic Hire Rates evidence should not be applied. Demonstrating his knowledge of credit hire and respective authority. He has vast experience in credit hire and welcomes instructions.