Direct Access and Litigation

Changes in the law mean that anyone can come direct to us for a consultation. Whether you are an individual or an organisation, our direct access barristers will offer specialist help you need.

What is direct access?

Public access rules were introduced in July 2004, which has changed the way members of the public can access the services of barristers. This new legislation makes it possible for anyone to instruct a direct access barristers without engaging a solicitor or other recognised forms of access.

How does it work?

Simply, you can contact us direct to discuss your requirements. Whatever your individual circumstances, we will offer only the highest quality of advice and advocacy. We work with a trusted network of leading solicitors and professional partners to provide full litigation services. Therefore, if we feel that you would benefit from the advice of another legal expert, we will happily point you in the right direction.

Saving you money

When you instruct our direct access barristers, there are no solicitors’ fees to pay and no additional costs. In fact, we can actually save you money. We operate at very competitive rates, and we will tailor a fee structure to suit your individual requirements. We can do initial case assessments i.e. give you an indication of the strength or weakness of your case or likely level of award before you embark on costly litigation.

Other benefits

  • Agreeing costs upfront with pre-charge services.
  • Jargon-free advice and advocacy.
  • No-nonsense prospects of fighting your case.
  • Trusted and expert interpretation of the law.

How we can help?

Under public access rules, we can offer you advice and advocacy in the following areas:

  • Appeals
  • Civil claims and investigations
  • Collation of evidence
  • Correspondence and legal documents
  • Court and tribunal hearings
  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Litigation strategy
  • Negotiation
  • Regulatory compliance

In addition some of our barristers have the right to carry out litigation and therefore we can assist at all levels.